Elementary 2014-2015

Staff & Classroom Event & Photo Pages
Kindergarten: James Kudlack / Class Pages email
Kind./First: Kelly Lyman / Class Pages email
First Grade: Shantel Niederstadt / Class Pages / email
Second Grade: Ben Mauntler / Class Pages / email
Third Grade: Sally Catanese / Class Pages  / email
Fourth Grade: Tracy Bennett / Class Pages / email
Fifth Grade: Bonnie Brown / Class Pages / email
4/5 SS: Megan McCarthy / Class Pages / email
3rd SS:  Jennifer Bromley / Class Pages
Resource Room: Jennifer Bromley / email
ISD YOMOCI Room: Alyse Jacobi / email
ISD SCI Room: Sharon Hayden / email
Music: Kathy Joseph / email
Phy Ed.: Tom Bromley / email
Counselor: Scott McKenney / email
Media Center: Chelle Hrachovina / email
Principal: Gina Hagen / email
Secretary: Becky Milarch / email
Student Services Office 231-889-5521
Superintendent's Office 231-889-4251

Sports Pages:
Boys Basketball Camp June 15-18
Info and Registration link to form
Girls on the Run  May 2014 / Falling for Fitness Fall 2014
Kindergarten Orientation for the 2015-2016 school 
year will be Wednesday, September 2 at 2:00pm

Distance Learning Room Enhances Curriculum 
Tri-County Musical/Drama Program This year's presentation was Fiddler on the Roof April 30-May3

Good Behavior Ski Day 2015

Turkey Winners for 2014 4th Grade Competition
Culture of Reading Grant to Mrs. N's First Grade
Falling For Fitness (gr. 3-6) run at Manistee National
Students Receive Spirit Shirts

Barbara Eldridge,
Jun 3, 2015, 6:40 PM