Onekama High School 2017-2018

Staff Links and e-mail

John Burtch: World History / e-mail
Tom Bromley: History, PE / e-mail
Nathan Bradford: 6-12 Resource Room / e-mail
Emma Johnson: 6-12 Resource Room /
Naomi Kolehmainen
: Spanish / e-mail
Scott McKenney: Counselor / Careers 12 / e-mail 
Matt Lonn: Science 9 Homepage 
Shelly Rife: College & Career Advisor: 
Joy Smith: Music / email 
Shanna Thorn: Math  / email 
Rex Toelle: Wood Shop Homepage / e-mail
Nikki Torrey:English  Homepage / e-mail
Frank Treadwell: Home Page / Science, Biology, 
Physics e-mail
Dana Woolman; Art: Window Dressing  e-mail
Nathan Bradford; A.D.& Games Manager  
Kevin Hughes: Superintendent Annual Report /  e-mail  

Student Services Office
K-12 Principal: Gina Hagen / e-mail
Secretary Ann Swanson / email
Student Services Office: 889-5521 Cell: 233-7471
Superintendent's Office: 231-889-4251

High School Sports index leads to all school sports schedules & photos

Events & Photo Pages:
CMU Volleyball Camp 
Graduation 2018  
College & Career 2018-2019
College & Career 

 High School Sports 2017-2018

Tri-School Musicals: The Little Mermaid  /  index of all musicals since 2007

Athletes of the Year 2018
Female Athletes of the Year: Elizabeth Domres, Zoe Morley, Colleen McCarthy. 
Male Athlete of the Year: Jacob Mauntler