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Onekama Elementary 2020-2021

It's a sad but wonderful day at the same time.
Mrs. Bonnie Brown retires and her students
surprise her with a party

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A few more photos of children from Ms. Lyman's class with the new toys donated by PTO - April 2021

Students in Ms. Lyman's Class celebrated EARTH DAY.

The Onekama PTO donated a playground bag with balls and jump ropes just for each of the elementary classes. The first graders were so excited to add some variety to recess!!  Thank you PTO!!!
Mrs. Carolyn Bradford's 1st Grade (April 2021)

Fourth Grade Celebrated St. Partrick's Day (2021)

Alaina with her snowman during December 2020.

This is Harper, and she is making shapes with toothpicks during an online lesson with Mrs. Carolyn Bradford.

Mary Bergren,
Jul 12, 2020, 7:38 AM